Soil Blocker - Micro 20

Soil Blocker - Micro 20

The Micro 20 soil blocker makes 20 soil blocks, each block being 20mm by 20mm. This is the perfect block for starting all smaller seeds. Their small size allows for more blocks to fit into a small area, reducing the space needed in the propagation area. Micro 20 soil blocks can be "potted up" into Mini 4 blocks using the 20mm attachments available for the Mini 4.   

Soil blockers are a tool used to make self-supporting blocks of compressed soil known as soil blocks. These soil blocks can then be used to propagate seeds and cuttings without the need for plastic cells or pots. As plastic pots are one of the main environmental problems with gardening and market gardening, eliminating them is a huge step forward.  

Not only do they reduce the use of plastics, they are also better for the plants themselves. This is because the soil blocks have air spaces on every side, air pruning roots as they reach the edge of the soil block instead of running around the plastic barrier causing root binding. Air pruned roots pause their growth until the seedling is planted in the soil, where they are poised to grow out into their new locations without any of the root disturbance usually associated with transplanting seedling.

The tool itself comes in a variety of sizes for different seed varieties and intended seedling size. It is made from zinc-plated steel, is easy to clean and has interchangeable seed peg for different sized seeds. 

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