Hand hoes

Hand hoes
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Delta Hoe | Ryset

The Delta Hoe is a very versatile tool. Its sharp point can be used to dig even the heaviest garden ..

$ 20.00

Hand Cultivator | Ryset

Stainless Steel Hand Cultivator. Used to scratch up weeds, break up clods to create a fine seed..

$ 20.00

Hand Hoe | Burgon & Ball

Stainless Steel Hand Hoe. Width 10cm, overall length 25cm. Burgon & Ball make high quality..

$ 28.00

Ho Mi | Ryset

The Ho Mi has been around for centuries so its design has had plenty of time for perfection, resulti..

$ 20.00

Hori Hori | Nisaku

The Hori Hori is possibly the most versatile gardening hand tools and one of tools we use most in ou..

$ 45.00

Nejiri Hoe | Nisaku

The Nejiri Hoe (or Nejiri Gama) is a very efficient tool for removing small weeds. its blade is very..

$ 30.00