Spring Onion Seeds | Grandstand


Spring Onion Grandstand Seeds  ~ 150

Spring onions are super easy to grow and expensive to buy, making growing your own a great option.

Grandstand is a quick maturing, delicious and reliable variety with succulent, long white stems and bright green tops.

It also resists bolting and bulbing giving it a long harvest time. Chop finely for salads and sandwiches, or more coarsely for stir-fries, omelettes.

Spring Onion

Spring Onion is best planted from spring to autumn at a depth of 8mm, with plants spaced at 5cm apart in a full sun position. For optimal germination of spring onion seed, ensure your soil is between 10°C and 20°C and kept moist at all times.

  • Seed depth - 8mm
  • Plant spacing - 5cm
  • Soil germination temperature - 10°C and 20°C
  • Plant in - Full Sun