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Hori Hori Gardening Knife

The Hori Hori is possibly the most versatile gardening hand tools and one of tools we use most in our home garden.

With its sharpened sides and point, and serration on one side it looks like a knife, and can be used as one for cutting anything you would use a knife for in the garden, but it is much more than just a knife . The 180mm scalloped blade of the Hori-Hori makes it incredibly strong allowing you to also use it as a digging tool. It also has both inch and cm measurements engraved on the blade allowing you to use it to measure plant spacing's, depth etc. You can use it's point to dig out, or its serrated edge to cut off larger weeds, or its smooth edge to cut off small weeds. Its sharp point and strong blade can be used to dig even the heaviest garden soil.

Designed with durability as the primary focus, the Nisaku Hori Hori features a wooden handle and a durable, high-quality stainless steel blade for low maintenance and easy cleaning. To maintain its longevity, it is recommended to gently wipe it down with a light oil after each use. Keeping its edge sharp is simple with a whetstone or diamond file.

With a sharp cutting edge on one side and a serrated cutting edge on the other, it proves invaluable for a myriad of gardening tasks such as digging, weeding, harvesting, plant division, root cutting, and soil cultivation. Truly, it stands as the epitome of a trowel-knife hybrid, offering unparalleled versatility in your gardening endeavours.

Nisaku garden tools are professional quality. They are made in Japan from high quality materials.

Shipped in a vinyl sheath featuring a retention clip and belt loop.