Collinear Hoe 175mm (replaceable blade)



The collinear hoe has been described as a "razor blade for the soil". This is because it is a single sharp blade used to "shave" weeds of at the surface. Their thin, sharp, blades cut through weeds with ease, they are light weight and can be used in an upright “thumbs up” stance (as recommended by Eliot Coleman).

Like all weed control, collinear hoes are best used when weeds are small. At this stage they can be cut off at, or just below, the surface and will not re-grow. Oscillating stirrup hoes are perfect for this as their sharp, thin, blade can cut weeds off at, or just below, the soil surface while causing minimal disturbance to the soil. This has the duel benefit of not destroying soil structure and not stimulating buried weeds seeds to germinate.

Note - the collinear hoe is sold without a final sharpen for safety and packaging. You may wish to sharpen the blade more before use.