6 Inch Oscillating Stirrup Hoe for HOSS Wheel Hoes



The 6 inch oscillation stirrup hoe attachment for the HOSS wheel hoe is perfect for between narrow row spacing or as a pair (with the spreader bar sold separately) to straddle rows of young crops.  The blades are made from 1095 high carbon spring steel which means they are very strong and will hold their edge well. Replacement blades are also available from Heirloom Harvest.


About Oscillating Stirrup Hoes

Oscillation stirrup hoes are one of the best tools available for mechanical weed control. The razor sharp blade cuts through the soil and young weeds with ease. The hoe can be used in a forward and backward motion which allows the user to bring the hoe back over more difficult areas and the backward motion also rids the blade of any weeds which have built up, reducing the hoes efficiency.  The oscillating action ensures the blade is at the optimum angle to the soil in both the forward and backward motion.