In The Garden From The Garden


In The Garden From The Garden | A celebration of the summer harvest, fine food, and friendship


When: Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd March 2014

Where: Your garden


What better way to celebrate the end of summer then to share your home grown produce with likeminded friends and family in your own garden.

Vegetable gardening is a rewarding activity but it does come with its hard work and challenges. With summer over and hopefully an abundant harvest, is time to celebrate, reward yourself and enjoy everything you have grown.

Heirloom Harvest is dedicating the weekend of March 1st and 2nd to your harvest and is inviting you all to host a breakfast, lunch or dinner in your vegetable garden using your home grown produce. We encourage you to invite likeminded friends and family to bring along their fresh garden produce to share too. Share stories, swap recipes and try new vegetable varieties but most of all enjoy time with loved ones.

There are no hard rules, you can be the judge of what ‘home grown’ means to you. Heirloom Harvest encourages you to make a feast from vegetables, herbs, eggs, and meat that you have produced in your garden. If you have not grown enough for a feast, ask your neighbours if they have produce to share or trade. If you need to look further afield, buy produce off of small market gardeners. Australia has some great farmers markets where you can buy directly off the grower; Wagtail Urban Farm and Bickleigh Vale Farm are two great South Australian examples.

We hope to make In The Garden From The Garden a biannual event so sow a few extra plants for your 2014 winter harvest. Coordinate with your friends and family to grow different vegetables and bring it all together for the winter In The Garden From The Garden.

Stay up-to-date by visiting the In The Garden From The Garden Facebook event and remember to share and spread the word. Post all your plans, event and food photos and tag #inthegardenfromthegarden or for those with tired fingers from gardening tag #itgftg