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Heirloom Harvest is a small family owned and run business. We are passionate about growing food and encouraging others to do the same. We are not just seed growers, we are seed breeders, constantly selecting our seed lines for the best traits. We grow outdoors and organically so are also selecting to improve our seeds performance under these conditions.


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Bean | Blue Lake (Climbing)

An early maturing, prolific variety of climbing bean producing long stringless, round and fleshy gre..

$ 3.50

Chilli | Tabasco

A prolific bearer of hot, upright, tapered chillies with fleshy walls that ripen from yellowy green ..

$ 3.50

Coriander | Slowbolt

A small to medium sized, quick growing and fragrant annual herb producing deliciously flavoured ligh..

$ 3.50

Dill | Bouquet

An early maturing, versatile herb with blue green, soft, feathery and aromatic leaves. Seeds, flower..

$ 3.50

Honey Dew | Green Fleshed

A popular late-season melon variety producing deliciously sweet and juicy green melons. Honeydew Gre..

$ 3.50

Kale | Ethiopian

Ethiopian Kale seedEthiopian Kale is a variety of kale with green, slightly lobed leaves that can be..

$ 3.50

Kale | Red Russian

A fast growing kale variety with purple veined blue green leaves that are slightly crinkled. Red Rus..

$ 3.50

Lettuce | Rouge d'Hiver

A French Romaine heirloom translating to ’Red of Winter’ producing delicious, sweet, thick green and..

$ 3.50

Parsley | Flat Leafed Italian

A popular, biennial Italian parsley grown for its thick, dark green, flat leaves that are strong fla..

$ 3.50

Pumpkin | Kent

A medium  to large sized, grey-green mottled skinned, Japanese variety of pumpkin that has brig..

$ 3.50

Pumpkin | Vegetable Spaghetti

An easy to grow, tubular shaped squash with creamy to bright yellow skin and mellow-tasting, spaghet..

$ 3.50

Pumpkin | Waltham Butternut

A deliciously flavoured variety of pumpkin with thin, pale skin and rich orange, nutty flavoured fle..

$ 3.50

Radish | Cherry Belle

A sweet and mild flavoured round, smooth skinned radish with  bright pink to red skin and firm,..

$ 3.50

Rocket | Salad

Salad Rocket seedRocket is a hardy annual that is grown as salad greens. Rocket has a mild spicy fla..

$ 3.50

Rockmelon | Hales Best

An early maturing vine, producing deliciously, sweet and juicy, orange fleshed melons with tan-brown..

$ 3.50

Tomato | Red Cherry

An early to mid-season, prolific yielding vine variety producing small, red, smooth skinned fruit wi..

$ 3.50

Watermelon | Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby Watermelon seedsA large vine producing medium sized melons with bright red, crisp and fir..

$ 3.50

Zucchini | Dark Green

A reliable producer of straight, glossy, dark green and smooth fruit with firm, white flesh and an a..

$ 3.50