Tomato Seeds | San Marzano


San Marzano Tomato Seeds  ~ 75 seeds

San Marzano is the ultimate preserving tomato due to its firm flesh, minimal seeds and batch ripening.

If you are into bottling, drying, chutneys and sauces (or if you just prefer a dryer tomato that wont make your sandwiches soggy) this is the tomato for you.

This Italian heirloom is a prolific producer of deep red, smooth skinned, elongated tomatoes with mild tasting, firm, meaty flesh.

A small bush variety, grown best with trellis support in pots or garden beds.

Growing tomatoes from seed

Discover the diverse world of tomato seeds, offering an array of flavours, colours, and sizes to complement every garden and gardener. Tomatoes, being fast-growing annuals, yield bountiful harvests that are unbeatable in taste when homegrown.

Tomatoes, or Solanum lycopersicum, are are renowned for their vibrant colors, rich flavours, and kitchen versatility. Tomatoes are as much of a stand out in the Australian vegetable garden as they are a staple in the kitchen. Regardless of your gardening space – be it a spacious backyard, a compact balcony, or a sunlit windowsill – you can thrive in growing tomatoes and relish in a bountiful harvest. 

Tomato seed is best planted from spring to early summer at a depth of 6mm, with plants spaced at 80cm apart in a full sun position. For optimal germination of tomato seed, ensure your soil is between 18°C and 30°C and kept moist at all times. Tomato seeds can be direct seeded (where your plant to grow them) after the danger of frost has past, or started indoors in late winter or early spring and potted up into larger pots as the plant grows and then planted out into the veggie garden after the danger of frost has passed.

  • Seed depth - 6mm
  • Plant spacing - 80cm
  • Soil germination temperature - 18°C and 30°C
  • Plant in - Full Sun