Bean Seeds | Rattlesnake


Rattlesnake Bean seeds  ~ 40 seeds

Beans are super easy, fun and fast to grow, making them perfect for the home garden. Rattlesnake is a beautiful deep green bean with streaks and splashes of brilliant purple.

Adding to its beauty, this heirloom bean is also arguably one of the best tasting beans too.

Rattlesnake grows up to 2m and requires trellising to produce an abundance of long fleshy pods.

Regularly pick while young to encourage new growth.

When to plant beans from seed

Growing beans from seed

There are two types of beans: bush beans (non climbing) and climbing beans. Bush beans, also known as dwarf beans, grow in a compact, bush-like form, reaching around 40cm in height, and they do not require staking. Climbing beans grow as vines, reaching up to 2 metres in height, and require support structures like trellises, tripods, or stakes. It's essential to gently secure the stems of climbing beans to their support using twine or plant ties during growth. Ensure the support is in place before sowing to prevent disturbing the roots later on.

Provide well-draining soil for beans, avoiding excessive moisture. Water daily during hot, dry weather, and adjust frequency in milder or rainy conditions. Ground-level watering is preferrable to minimise the risk of fungal issues.

For fresh beans, harvest pods when they feel firm and reach about 10cm in sizee. Use snips or secateurs to cut pods, and make regular harvests to encourage continuous pod production.

Bean seed is best planted or sowed direct in the vegetable garden as they do not like their roots to be disturbed. As this is not always possible in climates which have late frosts, you can plant bean seeds into a cardboard pot indoors and then plant the pot directly into the soil of your vegetable garden once the danger of frost has passed. Beans typically mature within 10–14 weeks from sowing, or even sooner if transplanted.

  • Seed depth - 20mm
  • Plant spacing - 20cm
  • Soil germination temperature - 18°C and 25°C
  • Plant in - Full Sun