Billy Button Seeds


Billy Button seeds

‘Are they real?’ is the question most people ask when they see these bright yellow pompoms on a stick. Billy Buttons are a compact native perennial with narrow silver foliage and yellow spheres for flowers. Established plants tolerate moderate frost and drought conditions.  Flowers spring through to autumn. Popular as a fresh or dried cut flower.

Billy Button is the perfect addition to the Australian vegetable or flower garden due to its drought tolerance once established and its stunning yellow flower that can be used as a fresh flower or in a dried arrangement. 

~40 seeds

Growing Billy Buttons from seed

Billy Buttons, also known as Drumsticks, are a distinctive Australian native and popular cut flower. Billy Buttons grow perfectly shaped globes in a buttery yellow above slender silver foliage, creating an enchanting garden display throughout the spring and summer seasons.

This perennial beauty can reach up to 60cm in height, showcasing long-stemmed golden globe flowers. With an extended flowering period spanning from spring to summer, it boasts a narrow rosette of silvery leaves adorned with woolly hairs.

Thriving in naturally swampy environments, this plant flourishes in a moist yet well-drained soil. It exhibits exceptional frost tolerance and can endure dry spells and coastal conditions.

These flowers make fantastic cuttings, featuring long-lasting blooms on sturdy stems with a captivating shape. Moreover, they are suitable for drying purposes. It's worth noting that this plant has undergone a name change from Craspedia globosa to Pycnosorus globosus.

Billy Button seeds are best planted in Autumn, spring and summer (avoiding winter in cooler climates) at a depth of 2 to 3mm, with plants spaced at 30cm apart in a full sun position. For optimal germination of Billy Button seed, ensure your soil is between 15°C and 24°C and kept moist, but not wet, at all times.

  • Seed depth - 2 to 3mm
  • Plant spacing - 30cm
  • Soil germination temperature - 15°C and 24°C
  • Plant in - Full Sun