The Intelligent Gardener (Growing Nutrient-Dense Food)

The Intelligent Gardener (Growing Nutrient-Dense Food)

Our review:

'The Intelligent Gardener (Growing Nutrient-Dense Food)' is the best book we have found so far to explain soil chemistry to the non-scientist. The author spends a reasonable portion of the book establishing the importance of soil chemistry for growing healthy vegetables and herbs, and the importance of eating nutrient dense vegetables, with many references to his personal experience. If you are buying this book you are probably aware of these things, but the personal stories and information in this section may help to reiterate this for you. The rest of the book launches into the authors opinions about some widely accepted organic practices (which might surprise some readers) and gives his views on how to improve and balance the soils. While the book does contain a lot of the author’s opinions, most of the science is sound and following the advice given will surely be a quantum leap forward from the 'blind' soil management performed by many gardeners. This book is a must read for anyone serious about growing the healthiest vegetable and herb plants possible and enjoying the health benefits of eating those nutrient dense vegetables.


From the publisher:

Vegetables, fruits and grains are a major source of vital nutrients, but centuries of intensive agriculture have depleted our soils to historic lows. As a result, the broccoli you consume today may have less than half the vitamins and minerals that the equivalent serving would have contained a hundred years ago. This is a matter of serious concern, since poor nutrition has been linked to myriad health problems including cancer, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. For optimum health we must increase the nutrient density of our foods to the levels enjoyed by previous generations.

To grow produce of the highest nutritional quality the essential minerals lacking in our soil must be replaced, but this re-mineralization calls for far more attention to detail than the simple addition of composted manure or NPK fertilizers. The Intelligent Gardener demystifies the process, while simultaneously debunking much of the false and misleading information perpetuated by both the conventional and organic agricultural movements. In doing so, it conclusively establishes the link between healthy soil, healthy food and healthy people.

This practical step-by-step guide and the accompanying customizable web-based spreadsheets go beyond organic and are essential tools for any serious gardener who cares about the quality of the produce they grow.


About the authors:

Steve Solomon is the founder of the Territorial Seed Company. He has been growing most of his family's food for over 35 years, and is the author of several landmark gardening books including Gardening When it Counts and Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades. A lifelong evangelist for the value of self-sufficiency, his writing, lectures and classes are focused on helping people become financially independent through producing their own necessities. He currently homesteads in Tasmania.

Erica Reinheimer has nurtured a life-long passion for gardening. After plunging into organic vegetable gardening, she began to experiment with the use of seed meal, soil testing, and supplemental minerals - all with outstanding results. This in turn led her to start successful home greenhouse and garden design businesses, helping others nourish their soils. Erica tries to remember everyday that as one shapes the garden, so does the garden shape you.


Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

Edition: 2013

Book Format: Paperback

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