Why you should buy the best quality garden tools you can afford

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Best quality garden tools - Okatsune secateursYou may have heard the saying ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’, well for gardening tools this can often be ‘buy thrice, four times, ten times…’. I know most people have a tight budget these days but buying cheap gardening tools is often false economics.

How many cheap trowels or secateurs have you owned? Did they break, bend? If so, it is always at an inconvenient time. You have just got in the swing of things then, “SNAP”. You have to stop what you are doing, drive down the store, pick a new tool, wait in line, then drive home again. How much is your time worth? If you actually value your time you are probably spending far more on the trip to the garden supplier than the tool itself.

Good quality garden tools are made far stronger and out of much higher quality materials that their cheap cousins. This means they are far less likely to break and should last many times as long as cheap garden tools. Also, you are much more likely to look after a good quality garden tool; clean them and put them away, rather than leave them lying around the garden.

Apart from the economics, there are many other reasons to invest in good quality garden tools. There is something indescribable about using a good quality gardening tool for many years. You can build quite a relationship with them, they mould to you and you mould to them. Many a gardener is proud of the trowel or fork that used to belong to their grandfather; you just won’t get that with cheap tools.  

Buying good quality garden tools (or anything else for that matter) is also good for the environment. One of the major causes of environmental damage is the huge amounts of rubbish created by our ‘disposable society’. The culture of buying something cheap and just getting a new one when it breaks has been a key driver in the exponential growth of landfill in recent years. By buying good quality products, not only do you minimise landfill but you also minimise the use of raw materials and the carbon and other pollution created in their manufacturing.


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