Oscillating Stirrup Hoes

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Garden Tool - Oscillating Stirrup HoesFor those that are unfamiliar with Oscillating Stirrup Hoes they are an amazing tool and a must have tool for any serious vegetable grower.

Oscillating stirrup hoes are one of the best tools available for mechanical weed control, whether it be in the home garden or commercial market garden. One of the major advantages of oscillating stirrup hoes is the minimal effort required to achieve great results. This is because their razor sharp blades cut through weeds with ease, they are light weight and can be used in an upright “thumbs up” stance (as recommended by Eliot Coleman). The hoe can be used in a forward and backward motion which rids the blade of any weeds which have built up, thereby maintaining the hoes efficiency.  The oscillating action ensures the blade is at the optimum angle to the soil in both the forward and backward motion.

Like all weed control, oscillating stirrup hoes are best used when weeds are small. At this stage they can be cut off just below the surface and will not re-grow. Oscillating stirrup hoes are perfect for this as their sharp, thin, blade can cut weeds off just below the soil surface while causing minimal disturbance to the soil. This has the duel benefit of not destroying soil structure and not stimulating buried weeds seeds to germinate.

Heirloom Harvest is excited to offer a range of Swiss made Oscillating Stirrup Hoes of the highest quality. These hoes come in three sizes: 85mm, 125mm and 175mm.

The 85mm Oscillating Stirrup Hoe is the smallest size. It is narrow enough to fit between most row crops, under and around leafy greens and those other hard to reach places.

The 125mm Oscillating Stirrup Hoe is the most popular size. It is a good 'all-rounder', narrow enough to fit between most row crops but wide enough to cover a lot of ground quickly.

The 175mm Oscillating Stirrup Hoe is the largest size. It is good for covering a lot of ground quickly, between wide row crops, paths and fallow beds.

6 Comment(s)

Kay Gall:
02/04/2020, 01:09:52 PM

Do you have a 85mmm stirrup hoe in stock, and what is the cost please

Gabriel poole:
14/04/2020, 07:03:35 PM

Can we order your products from Australia?

22/07/2020, 11:00:19 PM

I am after the middle size oscillating stirrup hoe do you know if there are any stockists in Adelaide south Australia. Can we order through you and if so how much?

Shane Patchett:
23/08/2020, 08:45:26 AM

Hi Do you have a 125 & 175mmm stirrup hoe in stock, and what is the cost please

Stephen Powell:
21/09/2020, 10:17:50 AM, Stirrup Hoes

Do you still sell the Oscillating Stirrup Hoes? I would like to order the smaller sizes

Neville Hall:
08/05/2021, 10:54:33 PM

Please advise where I can purchase Oscillating Stirrup Hoes in Australia

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