Seed garlic coming in 2019

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"So, I'm in amongst our 2018 garlic crop. It's actually looking very happy and healthy. Some of our early varieties like this Sicilian White which I've just pulled up really bulbing up really strongly and they'll be harvested in probably just under a month. Then some of our later varieties like the Ail De Pay Gers here, they're only just starting to bulb up. You can just see a little bulb starting to form here. It always surprises me with garlic how fast they go from starting to form a bulb to being fully formed so they probably won't be that much further behind, maybe one and a half to two months and these will be harvested as well. All of these varieties that were growing are going to be available for seed stock for home growers to purchasing and grow their own garlic at home next year and that seed should be available in February or March."

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