Hand Trowel | Narrow | Cherry Handle | Sneeboer

Hand Trowel | Narrow | Cherry Handle | Sneeboer

The Sneeboer narrow hand trowel is perfect for digging, weeding, aerating soil, reaching those narrow places other trowels can't and much, much more. Its heavy stainless steel blade will let you work even the heaviest of soils with confidence that the tool can handle it.

Sneeboer & Zn (Sneeboer) is family businesses which make stainless steel garden tools of unmatched quality. The Dutch company has been making high quality garden tools for over a century. Each Sneeboer tool is hand forged by master craftsmen from the highest quality materials. This means that every Sneeboer tool is unique and because the craftsmen holds and feels the tool throughout the manufacturing process, the resulting tool is perfectly balanced and just feels ‘right’. These facts have led to Sneeboer garden tools having a reputation around the world as being the best money can buy. This is summed up in two famous quotes about Sneeboer tools: “Anyone who has ever had a Sneeboer tool in their hand will never want to use anything else” and “ When you buy a Sneeboer tool, you don't own it… you're just taking care of it for the next generation’’.

The timber handles of all Sneeboer garden tools are sourced from sustainably grown Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) hardwood.

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