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Basil - Dark Opal

A tall, fragrant annual herb producing slightly crinkled, dark purple coloured leaves. An attractive..

$ 3.50

Basil - Thai (Organic)

A light green leaved, purple stemmed herb producing fragrant mint, citrus and anise or liquorice fla..

$ 3.50

Borage (Organic)

An annual flowering herb with attractive blue star shaped flowers. Young flowers are a great additio..

$ 3.50

Rockmelon - Hales Best (Organic)

An early maturing vine, producing deliciously, sweet and juicy, orange fleshed melons with tan-brown..

$ 3.50

Tomato - Cherry Cocktail (Organic)

A early-season, prolific yielding plant producing large trusses of small, red, smooth skinned fruit ..

$ 3.50

Watermelon - Sugar Baby (Organic)

A large vine producing medium sized melons with bright red, crisp and firm flesh. A popular home gar..

$ 3.50