Our Story

About Heirloom Harvest

Welcome to Heirloom Harvest. Your source for traditional, heirloom, open-pollinated and organic vegetable seeds for your home garden.

Here at Heirloom Harvest we believe there is no more rewarding feeling than sitting down to a meal you have grown yourself. There is something primal about growing food that is missing in the modern lifestyle. Preparing and enriching your soil, planting your chosen variety of seeds, nurturing the new green life sprouting from the earth, protecting your plants from hungry insects, harvesting your crop, turning a recipe into a true homemade meal, sitting down at your dinner table and enjoying your home grown vegetables. Unfortunately, with our modern consumer economy approach to everything, this experience has been lost to most people. Our mission is to bring it back!

Growing your own vegetables is not only fun and rewarding; the food you grow yourself will be more flavoursome and often more nutritious; it also saves you money and is one of the best things you can do for the environment. Gardening and vegetable growing brings one back to nature and provides a reality check on how dependant society is on the earth and why we need to look after it.

Heirloom Harvest aims to provide you with a broader, more interesting range of vegetable seed varieties than are usually found at your local gardening supplier.  If we do not stock a vegetable variety that you are after, let us know and we will do our best to find a grower or supplier.

Heirloom Harvest is proudly a South Australian owned and run business.


About the Owners

Heirloom Harvest grew out of the passion for and enjoyment John and Tara Butler gain from growing their own food.

Tara loves gardening. She is at her happiest, covered head to toe in dirt, in the veggie patch. Tara grew up in the Barossa Valley, immersed in the food and wine culture. She enjoyed visiting her grandparent’s farms in the Adelaide Hills and getting ‘stuck in’ to whatever farm work was being done. Tara studied Tourism and Hospitality Marketing at the University of South Australia, focusing on eco and environmental tourism, and has a successful career within the industry. After having their first child (Maya), Tara became concerned about the ‘artificial’ world that Maya would grow up in. For her, Heirloom Harvest is about reconnecting people with the earth and their food and in the process hopefully helping to create a better world for Maya to grow up in.

John grew up on his family farm before studying Agriculture at the University of Adelaide and going on to work in agricultural research. Growing food is in his blood. After realising there was something wrong with the modern food 'industry', John decided to try something different. He did some further study in social science and ethics before settling into a career in ecology. John is currently working towards a Ph.D. looking at restoring pollination within ecosystems.

Tara ~ “The vegetable garden is my where I find my daily Zen.  Each morning I wake, go outside and walk through our vegetable garden and see what has changed, feel the different textures, smell the different aromas, and sneak in a few taste tests. I leave somewhat ‘enlightened’, centred and ready for my day. This process repeats itself in the evenings where I reflect on my day and wind myself down by tending to our plants. Whether it is planting a seed, weeding, or nurturing plants; the enjoyment I get from growing vegetables is something I hope to share through Heirloom Harvest.”



John ~ “I grew up on a traditional mixed farm and this is where I developed my understanding of our modern food system. Food is the single most important commodity for human wellbeing yet it is one that we value the least. This mismatch is something I have struggled with my whole life and there is no easy answer. This is one of my three reasons for starting Heirloom Harvest, to get more people involved in growing food so they can gain a better understanding of its true value. The second reason is that home food production is one of the best things that people can do for the environment and the third, growing your own food is fun and rewarding.”